Startup Executive Academy
04 - 10 July 2019

The SEA offers

SEA 2018 Group

• 5 day course to accelerate your business and inspire growth

• Education by a world-class Faculty

• Get together with a selected group of like-minded entrepreneurs

• Hands-on sessions from Pricing to Investment Proposal

• Deepening your knowledge, developing your skills

• Learn how to overcome start-up specific challenges

• Learn how to meditate and become more sucessful

The SEA is an executive educational program designed exclusively for Founders and senior Executives from early stage startups (seed, A or B phase).

The lecturers are top professors with the Lead Professor Dr. Baba Shiv, Sanwa Bank Limited, Professor of Marketing, Stanford Graduate School of Business, California as well as executives and former leaders of global technology companies like Google, Porsche, Dolby, Huawei, Sony etc.

Participants from Europe, Middle East and India join a global faculty led by Silicon Valley-based professors and practitioners at the Castle of Urstein in Salzburg, Austria for an immersive 5-day program.

Additional Highlights

The CIRCLE DAY - July 9, 2018:

On the Circle day will bring together startup executives from the SEA 2017, 2018 and 2019 to keep learning from the SEA Professors and Executives and have more time to meet your peers from previous years. The Circle Day will expose you also to High & Low-Lights of SEA startups. This will give you deep insights in success cases.

The CORPORATE DAY – July 10, 2018

On the Corporate Day you will be part of exciting lectures from Prof. Dr. Baba Shiv and other SEA Faculty members in the morning. In the afternoon of July 10 on the STARTUP STAGE you will have the opportunity to meet with executives from corporations, business angels and venture capitalists at the University of Applied Sciences. You can do live demos and will be available for discussions at your stand. Finally the KEY NOTE speaker will present a global topic to the audience, details to be announced in the near future.